The Judge by Marcus Jansen
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By Rick Paulas & Editor Kriss Perras

Approaching one of Marcus Jansen's canvasses is like getting your bearings after having your brain rattled by a near explosion.

The chaotic colorful strokes that make up the landscape, the dominant force in any Jansen work, lends itself to momentary squints of confusion. It's only when the viewer latches onto some familiar object—a hand, a ball, a butterfly, a Dalmatian—that they begin to piece together the work. It's only then you realize that what

Casper Brindle Untitled 2017
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by Heather Fuller & Editor Kriss Perras

Using airbrush, auto paints, resin and wood, Casper Brindle creates infinite horizons in evocative suggestions of land and sea.


MAJ: What are the Finish Fetish and Light and Space art movements, and how are you connected to this group of West Coast artists?

CASPER: Finish Fetish and Light and Space are art movements that were born in Southern California in the 1960s, in direct response to the culture, environment and geography of the

Mondongo Arco 2
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Mondongo is back, and so are their dark themes and punk influences. Mondongo consists of Juliana Lafitte and Manuel Mendanha. Step back in time about a decade and read part of the Mondongo Manifesto.

“In Spanish, the word Mondongo means tripe, or the lining of a cow’s stomach. The word Mondongo is also a stew we love, and we are like three witches stirring it up in a cauldron: revolving and expecting and trying and experimenting; attempting to alchemize, to distill, and ooze all the chaos, and

Bob Givens Animation Studios Interview
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Bob Givens, who has given us so many iconic cartoon characters, has died at age 99 in Burbank of natural causes.


A 60-year long career that produced cartoon characters out of some of the most well-known Hollywood studios, Givens gave us Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, Tom and Jerry, Daffy Duck, Popeye and Alvin and The Chipmunks, among many others. Givens worked at Disney, Warner Bros. Cartoons, Hanna-Barbara and DePatie-Freleng Enterprises. His imprint is huge on the American world of

Automatic Slims by Jimi Gleason
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The works are striking upon entering the gallery. In an alchemy of silver nitrate and acrylic-coated canvases, the gallery was alight with pastels backed by a black canvas and silver coated acrylic in a variation of many colors. This new set of works by California artist Jimi Gleason is titled Reflected and Absorbed and is currently on exhibition at William Turner Gallery at Bergamot Station, Santa Monica through January 13, 2018.

Gleason uses a technique of impasto combined with silver

Marie Stapel Oil Painting by Johanna Spinks
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Recently Malibu portrait artists Johanna Spinks, in conjunction with the Malibu Cultural Arts Commission, held an exhibition titled The Faces Of Malibu. The opening was a huge success with the sitters and their families coming out to support the event. Now this portrait exhibition, currently on display in City Hall, will have an accompanying lecture.

The Faces of Malibu lecture will be held Thursday, November 9, 2017 from 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM in Malibu City Hall host by and held in the Senior

Radical Women: Latin American Art 1960-1985
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The taboo of the female body is ever present in the Hammer's exhibition Radical Women: Latin American Art 1960-1985. There is no replacement for going to an exhibition in person. The interaction with art is necessary for the emotional impact. In this case, the exhibition is full of powerful images related to women over the course of history. The first visual impact is outside the main gallery where a large mural board filled with social and political data on women related by country, including

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The internationally acclaimed Robert Berman Gallery has announced it is hosting its 35th Anniversary in conjunction with Bergamot Station's 20th Anniversary in Santa Monica. Exhibiting throughout the fall will be a four month, rotating sampling of artists and artworks presented at one of their seven different locations.

For the uninitiated, the gallery began in 1979 with their first solo artist exhibition with local artist Zox, reports the gallery in its announcement.

In the 1980's the

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The prestigious international auction house, Bonhams, put under the hammer the iconic Maltese Falcon statuette, from the classic 1941 film noir of the same name, to net a record $4-million.

Bonhams hosted a movie memorabilia collectors dream auction, held in partnership with Turner Classic Movies (TCM). The auction was titled What Dreams Are Made Of: A Century Of Movie Magic At Auction As Curated By Turner Classic Movies.

In the film The Maltese Falcon, Humphrey Bogart's character San

William Powell Firth Derby Day | Copyright Tate Museum
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With Derby Day fast approaching June 1, 2013, Bonhams offers an insight into a bustling Derby, almost two hundred years ago. The Derby originated in 1779 as a new race in Epsom and was to be named after either the host of the event, the 12th Earl of Derby, or his important guest, Sir Charles Bunbury. Local legend states that the decision was made by a toss of a coin. The Derby has continued to run at Epsom in the first week of June ever since, except during the World Wars.

The original

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Christie's realized in its New York Two-Week Spring Auction Series $828.8-million. The sale showcased important Impressionist, Modern, Post-War and Contemporary Art, with the inclusion of the 11th Hour Auction, which benefited the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.

"My Foundation has worked on environmental issues since 1998, and despite the great efforts by organizations all over the world, our planet is in trouble," said DiCaprio. "The modern world is placing enormous pressure on the very

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Sotheby's London, a high end International auction house, is set to offer from private hands a fabulous Joseph Conrad Collection. Considered a highly comprehensive single author sale, from the library of the late Stanley J. Seeger., a great collector of art, the offer is to include Sylvia Plath’s annotated copy of Lord Jim. This particulat copy was read aloud to her by Ted Hughes the year before her death.

For the uninitiated, when St. Botolph’s Review, a literary magazine, was launched